Koh Dian Yang

Dian Yang is a photographer who believes in learning, experimenting and improving.

To him, photography is an art of time-freezing as well as a technique of revelation. Every photograph encapsulates unspeakable moments that become part of history and captures priceless information that when decrypted, expatiates stories of its own to each individual. Every successful image is not solely credited to the photographer, but to the harmonious collaboration amongst many parties including the photographer, the subject and mother nature.

In every shot, Dian Yang aims to transcend the contemporary while maintaining the delicate balance of aesthetics. He infuses both his thoughts and perspectives as well as those of his subjects'. Though bold and occasionally unusual, he hopes to create new paradigms in photography and relate his images to people around the world.

Being an adventurous photographer, he is open for collaboration and opportunities to produce beautiful images. Drop him a mail if you have an idea, whether bizarre or amazing, and he would be more than excited to take on this challenge.


Singapore Maritime Week Photography Competition 2014


For photography enquiries, please email dianyang@kohdyimages.com

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